Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You heard Gerard! Mikey Paintings! NOW! DAY ONE

Well, it turns out I will be using this blog post-Journalism 314.

The other day when My Chemical Romance singer Gerard Way tweeted that he wanted paintings of his brother and MCR bassist Mikey Way, I knew I would be on a mission over the summer.

In my following posts here I will document my "Road to Gerard's Mikey Shrine" adventures. Ha-ha! I'll try to post some form of Mikey doodle every day if I have time.

Day One:

I brought my sketchbook uptown with me today because I knew I'd be sitting around for a while and wouldn't have anything to do. I settled in at the Front Room with a coffee steaming and my iPod a'shuffle and started scribbling away with my regular pen (despite the fact that I brought a couple good ones with me).

At first, I had no intention to draw Mikey, but as I thumbed through random scraps of paper in the back of my sketchbook, I encountered a picture of him and remembered Gerard's request; my hand sort of naturally began to create the outline of his glasses. Within 10 minutes I had the following scribbled-out interpretation of Mr. Michael James. The end product looks a bit like a random hipster girl, methinks. Perhaps tomorrow's drawing wont look so girly and his chin/eye on the right side wont be so wonky.


LinziSky said...

I was differing about doing you think it's still valid? I remember him tweeting, but I'm not overly sure how and what he meant. Is he only getting them during tour or...? :/