Thursday, April 22, 2010

How to create a simple brush-holder

That little thing pictured to the left is one of the most useful things anyone has ever made for me.

When I had to attend and all-day arts conference as a high-schooler, my grandma wanted to make sure I had a lightweight way to keep track of my brushes; so, she got creative, making the home-made, very simple brush-holder you see pictured.

"I saw something like it in an art store, and they were about $15, and I thought, 'Shoot, I can make that!,'" My grandma said. "So, I just got two colors of felt and sewed pockets just big enough for the paintbrushes to fit. Then, you can just roll them up and tie them with a ribbon to carry."

It's only two pieces of felt sewn together, but it does the trick, and doesn't add the bulk or extra desk-space of having to put brushes in a box.

How did she make it?

-Felt material (one or two pieces depending on the size. Probably two)
-A needle and thread

...that's it!


Measure and cut the two pieces of material so that one fits to the length of your brushes and extends slightly beyond the longest one's tip. Overlay the second piece of felt and cut it so that it comes up not quite to the top of the first piece: just enough to support your brushes without reaching their bristles.

Next, sew the sides and bottom of the smaller piece of felt to the larger one. My grandma used a sewing machine, but she reassured me that it can be done without one.

"You could sew it by hand too, or even use some kind of fabric glue, like Tacky glue," she said.


"You have to see what type of brushes you have: How long and wide are they? You can fit them for any size; you just have to measure what you have," my grandma advised.

Sew starting a half inch from the top of the smaller piece of felt all the way down to the line you sewed at the bottom. Make the pockets as many and as wide as your tools require.


After those few pockets, you will have a portable, sturdy paintbrush holder. It generally keeps brushes in good condition, but my Grandma reminds that you must take extra care of certain ones.

"You have to be careful to put the caps on your teeny-weeny lining brushes; because, they get messed up pretty easily."

I love my grandma.