Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Athens, Ohio: a painted town

From the text-covered stall walls of the Ellis Hall bathrooms to rooftop graffiti on Court Street, Athens is a marked up place. One day an artist decided to leave those marks, making Athens his or her canvas, giving gritty decoration to the place using a method far from the conventional canvas on easel.

We live in a painted town, and I don't mean that in the "paint the town" sense that many students would use it to play down their drunken debauchery.

I am Cassie Whitt, the sophomore journalism student who will attempt to be your tour guide through our marked town. Visual art has always been a sort of therapy for me, and when I see people sketching, painting, playing music or writing, I wonder what motivates them to create the art they do.

I hope that in writing this blog, I will be able to reconnect with Athens art, get back on my path toward gaining a minor in art here and overcome some of my own anxiety issues by interacting with artists around town.

In this blog, I hope to explore at least a portion of the art scene here in Athens. Not only the formal art scene, but also the personal and emotional one of on-Green sketchers and notebook-doodlers.

Every piece of art you see as you walk down the street was once in the mind of an artist who consciously decided to translate it to its unconventional canvas. I have come to try to discover the origins of and to give more attention to the human-created beauty that is sometimes overlooked in Athens, Ohio.